Status of Village Development

Village Development Status

1. Bishrakhpur Village Development- Link
2. Chhapraula Village Development- Link
3. Chipyana Khurd Village Development- Link
4. Chhapraula and Chipyana Bujurg Village Development- Link
5. Kailashpur Village Development- Link
6. Kasna Village Development- Link
7. Kherli Village Development- Link
8. Kherpur Village Development- Link
9. Ghori Bachhera Village Development- Link
10. Milak Lachhi Village Development- Link
11. Rupwash Village Development- Link
12. Saini Village Development- Link

6% Abadi Village Development Status

1. Kasna 6% Abadi Village Development- Link
2. Hebatpur 6% Village Development- Link
3. Saini 6% Abadi Village Development- Link

Some more information to related to farmers and rural abadi is at the links below:

1. 6 प्रीतिशत व 10 प्रीतिशत आबादी भूखण्डों की संसोधित सूची - Link
2. पट्टा प्रलेख द्वारा आबादी व्यवस्थापन के तहत पट्टा प्रलेख किये जाने के वाली भूमि की सूची (ग्रामवार) - Link
3. अर्जित भूमि के सापेक्ष कृषको को दिये जाने वाले आबादी भूखंड की पात्रता सूची (ग्रामवार) - Link
4. वित्तीय वर्ष 2017-18 मे ग्राम वार कराये जाने वाले प्रस्तावित ग्राम विकास कार्य- Link
5. 2017-2018 में ग्रामवार कराये जाने वाले प्रस्तावित 6% आबादी भूखण्डों के विकास कार्य- Link

Public Notices, Due Dates, Office Orders

Date Title / Description Department
24/02/2021 Jal Adalat to be held on 25.2.2021 Public Notices, Urban Services
24/02/2021 List of pending important Government matters Public Notices, Planning
23/02/2021 Tentative Larvicide Spray Schedule 20.02.2021 to 28.02.2021 Public Notices, Health
23/02/2021 Zoom ID & Pass Code for Zoom meeting to be held on 23-02-2021 Public Notices, Industries
19/02/2021 Corrigendum letter - RFP for Remediation of Temporary Dumpsite Near Lakhnawali Villgae at Greater Noida Public Notices, Tenders
17/02/2021 Jal Adalat to be held on 18.2.2021 Public Notices, Urban Services
17/02/2021 Sub Division Policy for Industrial Plots Public Notices, Industries
13/02/2021 Suggestions for flatted factory Public Notices, Industries
12/02/2021 Corrigendum Letter (RFP For Remediation of Temporary Dumpsite Near lakhnawali village Greater Noida ) Public Notices, Tenders
10/02/2021 Public notice regarding Ganga Expressway Public Notices, Planning
10/02/2021 Public notice regarding Integrated Township Public Notices, Planning
09/02/2021 Zoom Meeting regarding Entrepreneurs to be held on 23-02-2021 at 4.00 P.M Public Notices, Industries
05/02/2021 Office Order regarding Additional Compensation of Group Housing Society Public Notices, Residential
03/02/2021 Public Notice regarding U.P Electric Vahan Manufacturing Policy 2019 Public Notices, Policy
02/02/2021 Corrigendum/Addendum - RFP for Remediation of Temporary dumpsite near Lakhnawali village Public Notices, Tenders
30/01/2021 Office Order regarding Daily Reducing Balance Method (DRBM) Public Notices, Finance
28/01/2021 Budget 2019-2020 & Balance Sheet 31-03-2020 Public Notices, Finance
25/01/2021 Cancellation of allotment of C-01, Sector Alpha 2 of AVJ Developers (P) Ltd (M/s Omaxe India Trade Centre) Public Notices, Commercial
22/01/2021 Corrigendum letter - 1 (For RFP Invitation Letter Ref. No - Health Dept./2020/910/ dated 28.12.2020) Public Notices, Health
18/01/2021 Zoom Meeting to be held on 19.01.2021 postponed Public Notices, Industries

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