Key Management

The Key Authority Officials are available at the contact nos. or email address provided in the list below.

(A Government of U. P. Undertaking)

Mailing Address:

Plot No. 01,
Knowledge Park-04,
Greater Noida,
Gautam Budh Nagar,
Uttar Pradesh 201308
+91-120 2336030 (tel)
+91-120 2336031 (tel)
+91-120 233-6002, 233-6006 (fax)
authority@gnida.in (email)

Shri Alok Tandon, (IAS), Chairman +91 120-2336001, 2336002 chairman@gnida.in
Shri Narendra Bhooshan, (IAS), Chief Executive Officer +91 120-2336004, 2336005 ceo@gnida.in
Shri Deep Chandra (IAS), Additional Chief Executive Officer +91 120 2336009 aceod@gnida.in
Shri Krishna Kumar Gupta (IAS), Additional Chief Executive Officer +91 120 2336011 aceog@gnida.in
Shri Saumya Srivatsava (IAS), OSD +91 120 2336010 saumyasrivastavaias@gnida.in
Shri Sachin Kumar Singh (PCS), OSD +91 120 2336007 osds@gnida.in
Shri Shiv Pratap Shukla (PCS), OSD Industries +91 120 2336012 osdsps@gnida.in
Shri Hausila Prasad Verma, General Manager (Finance) +91 120 2336022 gmfinance@gnida.in
Shri Santosh Kumar, OSD (Builder) +91 120 2336026 santoshkr@gnida.in
Shri Samakant Srivastava, General Manager (Project) +91 120 2336015 gmproject@gnida.in
Set. Meena Bhargav, General Manager (Plng. & Arch.) +91 120 2336016 gmplanning@gnida.in
Shri A.K. Sharma, Dy. General Manager (Institutional / I.T.) +91 120 2336019 dgmit@gnida.in
Smt. Monika Chaturvedi, Dy. General Manager (Finance) +91 120 2336023 dgmfinance@gnida.in
Shri P.K. Kaushik, Dy. General Manager (Project) +91 120 2336020 dgmproject@gnida.in
Shri S.C. Arora, Dy. General Manager (Health/Urban) +91 120 2336014 dgmhealth@gnida.in
Shri Deepak Kumar Garg, Dy. General Manager (HRD) - dgmhrd@gnida.in
Shri Sharad Kumar Pal, (PCS), S.D.M. (Land) +91 120 2336039 sharadpal@gnida.in
Shri K. K. Yadav, Assistant General Manager (Property) +91 120 2336025 agmproperty@gnida.in
Shri Vaibhav Gupta, Incharge (Planning) +91 120 2336017 vaibhavgupta@gnida.in
Shri Ramesh Chand, Sr. Manager (Project) - rameshchand@gnida.in
Shri Khjan Singh, Sr. Manager (Electrical) - smelectrical@gnida.in

Public Notices, Due Dates, Office Orders

Date Title / Description Department
16/10/2020 Vacant list of IT/ITES Scheme Plot Public Notices, IT/BPO
16/10/2020 Corrigendium /Addendum Notice No-01 E-Auction of Scheme for Fuel/Petrol/Diesel, CNG) Public Notices, Commercial
14/10/2020 Corrigendum - Selection of Agency for Parking Management Service in GNIDA Office Public Notices, Tenders
14/10/2020 Public information on Jal Adalat Public Notices, Urban Services
12/10/2020 List of Unlease Flat-Scheme - BHS16, Sector-MU-02 Public Notices, Residential
09/10/2020 Corrigendum/Addendum Notice No-03 of Fuel Station Plots Scheme Public Notices, Commercial
09/10/2020 Extension of Date - One Time Settlement Policy Public Notices, Residential
09/10/2020 Miniutes of Meeting held on 30.09.2020 regarding Industries Public Notices, Industries
07/10/2020 Scheme Documents for Allotment of Industrial Plots in Greater Noida 2020 Public Notices, Industries
06/10/2020 Corrigendum - Selection of Agency for Parking Management Service in GNIDA Office Public Notices, Tenders
05/10/2020 IT/ITES Plot Scheme Brochure Public Notices, IT/BPO
05/10/2020 Office Order Eligibility & Technical Criteria for IT/ITES Scheme Public Notices, IT/BPO
01/10/2020 Greater Noida Authority extended the defect liability period of roads from 2 years to 3 years - Now contractors will be liable to remove defects upto 3 years in new constructed road works Public Notices, Projects
01/10/2020 Larvicide spray schedule for October 2020 Public Notices, Health
29/09/2020 Officer order regarding process of land allotment through E-auction, Draw and Interview, Mega, Mega Plus and Super Mega Category Public Notices
29/09/2020 Information regarding Zoom Meeting to be held on 30.09.2020 Public Notices, Industries
24/09/2020 RFP Notice for Selection of Agency for Parking Management Services Public Notices, Tenders
24/09/2020 Zoom Meeting Information - with Industries Public Notices, Industries
22/09/2020 Public Notice regarding IT/ITES plot allotment in Greater Noida Area Public Notices, IT/BPO
22/09/2020 Penalty List - Bulk Waste Generators Public Notices, Health

Greater Noida Industrial Development Authority
Plot No. 01, Knowledge Park-04
Greater Noida, Gautam Budh Nagar, Uttar Pradesh 201308
P: 0120 233-6030, P: 0120 233-6031
F: 0120 233-6002, 233-6006
authority@gnida.in (email)
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