Development Norms

The allottee shall develop the project and facilities on the demised premises and meet the following norms of development.

  • Minimum area of 4000 Sq.mt. would be required for establishment of IT/ITES units.

  • Maximum ground coverage of 30% and FAR 187.50. In case of units from one acre upto 2.5 acres, the maximum ground coverage would be 25%.

  • Alottees of 5 acres or more would be allowed maximum 10% of total FAR for institutional facilities mentioned in Schedule-II. Rest 90% would be used for IT/ITES.

  • When the area is 10 acres of more and investment is proposed to be more than Rs. 50 crores, in such cases 10% of FAR would be permitted for residential use of employees and officers of Unit/organisation including chowkidars and peons, subject to the ratio of institutional and residential facilities should not exceed more than 15% of FAR and rest 85% FAR would be primarily used for IT/ITES.

  • Alottees of 20 acres or more would be allowed maximum 25% of the total FAR for residential/ commercial/ institutional facilities and the rest 75% would be utilised for IT/ITES purpose, subject to the condition that maximum of 10% of total FAR would be for residential use and maximum of 10% of total FAR would be for commercial use.

  • Residential/Commercial/Institutional facilities allowed in IT/ITES/STP are mentioned in Schedule-II.

  • Apart from the built-up space, the lessee shall be allowed to sell (transfer) developed land to clients for their captive use. However, a minimum of 75% of the total allowed FAR of IT/ITES would have to be developed has built-up space.The remaining could be sold as FAR in the developed plots.

  • The allottee shall sell the Commercial and Residential FAR in proportion to the sale of FAR of IT/ITES areas.

    Elements of I.T. industries and I.T. enabled services (Project and facilities):

  • High quality “ready to move” aesthetic work space.

  • Un-interrupted power supply.

  • High speed data communication services including leased line connectivity and optic fiber back bone network.

  • Centralized Air-Conditioning.

  • Ample parking.

  • Export facilitation I.T. infrastructure.

    Definition of commercial and non-commercial covered space in the context of an I.T. industries and I.T. enabled services.

    Commercial areas:

    Any space that is utilized for the following purposes would be considered as commercial space:

  • Shops

  • Areas for storage, display and sale of merchandise

  • Cinema Halls

  • Hotels

  • Restaurants

  • Open eating kiosks

  • Residential areas:

  • Any space that is utilized for the following purpose would be considered as residential space:

  • Residential uses

  • Hostel

  • Guest House

  • Staff Quarter

  • Institutional Facilities:

  • Waiting and transit areas.

  • Areas designated for public utilities.

  • Travel Services.

  • Telephone exchange.

  • Electric sub station.

  • Water works.

  • Export related facilities.

  • Canteen.

  • Shop restaurant (Maximum 2% of FAR)

  • Creche & Day Care centre.

  • Operations and maintenance by specialized agencies.

  • Training center and library.

  • Health club for users/residents of IT industries and IT enabled services.

  • Games/entertainment room for users/residents of IT Industries and IT enabled services.

  • Banking and financial services.

  • Business center/conference facilities.

  • Public Notices, Due Dates, Office Orders

    Date Title / Description Department
    09/04/2021 Project Department - Progress report month of March 2021 Public Notices, Projects
    01/04/2021 Proposed schedule for larvicide spray for the month of April 2021 Public Notices, Health
    31/03/2021 Office Order Regarding Water Bill Public Notices, Urban Services
    31/03/2021 Date extended for Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojna Demand Survey Public Notices, Residential
    26/03/2021 Office order regarding additional charge Public Notices, Projects
    15/03/2021 Office order regarding employment Public Notices, Industries
    10/03/2021 Demand Survey for Selection of Beneficiaries under Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana Public Notices, Residential
    08/03/2021 5th Amendment In the Building Regulation 2021 Public Notices, Planning
    06/03/2021 Larvicide spray schedule for the month of March 01-03-2021 to 18-03-2021​ Public Notices, Health
    05/03/2021 Information regarding Webinar Meeting Public Notices, Industries
    05/03/2021 Office order regarding Skill Development Public Notices, Skill Development
    03/03/2021 Progress report of Project Dept. for January 2021 Public Notices, Projects
    23/02/2021 Tentative Larvicide Spray Schedule 20.02.2021 to 28.02.2021 Public Notices, Health
    19/02/2021 Corrigendum letter - RFP for Remediation of Temporary Dumpsite Near Lakhnawali Villgae at Greater Noida Public Notices, Tenders
    17/02/2021 Sub Division Policy for Industrial Plots Public Notices, Industries
    13/02/2021 Suggestions for flatted factory Public Notices, Industries
    12/02/2021 Corrigendum Letter (RFP For Remediation of Temporary Dumpsite Near lakhnawali village Greater Noida ) Public Notices, Tenders
    05/02/2021 Office Order regarding Additional Compensation of Group Housing Society Public Notices, Residential
    02/02/2021 Corrigendum/Addendum - RFP for Remediation of Temporary dumpsite near Lakhnawali village Public Notices, Tenders
    30/01/2021 Office Order regarding Daily Reducing Balance Method (DRBM) Public Notices, Finance

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