Public Notices, Office Orders, Due Date and other announcements made by the Authority in recent past pertaining to Finance Department.

Date Title / Description Link Department
01/30/2021 Office Order regarding Daily Reducing Balance Method (DRBM) Link Public Notices, Finance
01/28/2021 Budget 2019-2020 & Balance Sheet 31-03-2020 Link Public Notices, Finance
09/03/2020 Budget 2020-21 Link Finance
06/18/2020 Office Order dtd. 16-06-2020 regarding interest payment for the period 22 March-30 September 2020 Link Public Notices, Finance
06/17/2020 Office Order regarding interest on delayed payments Link Public Notices, Finance
03/03/2020 Land Rates 2020-21 Link Public Notices, Finance
12/19/2019 Information regarding Escrow Account Link Public Notices, Finance
09/18/2019 Office Order regarding T.D.S under section 194A Link Public Notices, Finance
06/19/2019 Revised additional compensation of land Link Public Notices, Finance
10/12/2018 Regarding closure of Authority's Bank accounts with branches outside Greater Noida Link Public Notices, Finance
03/05/2018 Important notice regarding GST Link Public Notices, Finance
02/13/2018 Important notice regarding goods & service tax (GST) Link Public Notices, Finance
12/19/2017 Office Order: Relaxation of one-time payment Link Public Notices, Finance
08/03/2017 GST Registration of the Authority Link Public Notices, Finance
07/20/2017 Important Information for GST Link Public Notices, Finance

Note: We make all attempts to keep this list updated. However, the official copy and status of the published document at the Authority will be considered final in case of any dispute.

Public Notices, Due Dates, Office Orders

Date Title / Description Department
29/04/2021 Corrigendum letter No. 3 Public Notices, Tenders
16/04/2021 Corrgendium Letter - 3 of E- Tender Notice Public Notices, Tenders
15/04/2021 Covid 19 Incharge Officer Distt Gautambudh Nagar. Public Notices, Health
13/04/2021 Jal Adalat Roster Public Notices, Urban Services
09/04/2021 Project Department - Progress report month of March 2021 Public Notices, Projects
01/04/2021 Proposed schedule for larvicide spray for the month of April 2021 Public Notices, Health
31/03/2021 Office Order Regarding Water Bill Public Notices, Urban Services
31/03/2021 Date extended for Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojna Demand Survey Public Notices, Residential
26/03/2021 Office order regarding additional charge Public Notices, Projects
15/03/2021 Office order regarding employment Public Notices, Industries
10/03/2021 Demand Survey for Selection of Beneficiaries under Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana Public Notices, Residential
08/03/2021 5th Amendment In the Building Regulation 2021 Public Notices, Planning
06/03/2021 Larvicide spray schedule for the month of March 01-03-2021 to 18-03-2021​ Public Notices, Health
05/03/2021 Information regarding Webinar Meeting Public Notices, Industries
05/03/2021 Office order regarding Skill Development Public Notices, Skill Development
03/03/2021 Progress report of Project Dept. for January 2021 Public Notices, Projects
23/02/2021 Tentative Larvicide Spray Schedule 20.02.2021 to 28.02.2021 Public Notices, Health
19/02/2021 Corrigendum letter - RFP for Remediation of Temporary Dumpsite Near Lakhnawali Villgae at Greater Noida Public Notices, Tenders
17/02/2021 Sub Division Policy for Industrial Plots Public Notices, Industries
13/02/2021 Suggestions for flatted factory Public Notices, Industries

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